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NOTICE: As of December 17, 2010, I will be retired.

Sorry. ;)

Have a look at the last photos we took of the office.
What it looked like before.
Our last patient.
Our last ex-staff lunch.
The last of Arthur.
With everything taken out. here.

Dr. Ria Pudjo will be taking care of our patients from that day on.
A link to her office.

This link is to photos of the office staff over the years.


Dental Links

Ontario Dental Association for the public
Canadian Dental Association
Medline - A Source of Information
Dr. David Hall - Iowa - good info

Here is one of our favourite patients.
Check out the great dental work our team has done for her.


The great staff at our office.




Our dental assistant is Shadee. She was a dentist in Iran, and is a great asset to the office. She has picked up all my "different" dental techniques, and remembers them all. (hah, sure!)

Shadee started working on Halloween day 2000, and her main job in Iran was in forensic dentistry. She is surprised that our patients were not all dead considering the day she started and who or what she was used to working on in Iran.

For Shadee's friends and family back in Iran, salam, here is Shadee's first patient in her new country. Not sure if the patient survived or not tho.


October /10 ... Shadee has been working with me for 10 years now. We have had a great time, and a great relationship. Thanks Shadee. We took Shadee & Behrouz out for lunch to Chez Michel in Creemore to celebrate. Some photos are here.

November /08 ... Shadee and I, along with our spouses, went for a dental meeting on a cruise down the Mexican Riviera. Here is proof we were on the ship!

See ALL the photos on here.


October /05 ... Shadee and I, along with our spouses, went to a dental meeting in Las Vegas put on by Clinical Research Dental. We made a holiday out of it. The first night of the meeting, they had a cocktail party for the attendees. This was our gambling!!

You can see photos of our trip to Vegas here.

January /04 ... Shadee & Behrooz got their Canadian citizenship in Toronto in front of a judge, and now are real Canadians, eh?

Here are photos taken at Christmas with our spouses and at our "ex" staff Christmas lunch.



September 2008 ... We have a new receptionist. Maria is starting this week. From the first interviews, she seems like a great person. Tracey is leaving, so we had to find someone new. Pictures are here, and more info will follow soon.
Maria tells me that she will have learned everything by the end of 3 months, right Maria?

September 2008 ... Tracey is leaving us. She has done a great job, but is going on to better things.
February 2005 ... We have a new receptionist!! Shadee & I interviewed several good people and picked Tracey. She started with us because Bev (see below) has decided to retire. Tracey has training in child care, so that should give her lots of confidence in dealing with the kids (and people) that come in.


Bev was our receptionist. She started in August, 2000, and fit in quite well. As of February, 2005, Bev & her husband Winston have decided to retire, and have moved up to Meaford, beside Georgian Bay. We are sure going to miss her steady personality.

Bev has been trained as a physiotherapist and has worked in several different countries including Canada, England, & Jamaica.


Meet Kelli, our past certified dental assistant. She was here for almost three years. It seemed like forever. She left the practice November /00 because of illness.
I was really sorry to see her go, as she was a great asset to the whole operation. If you see this Kel, just another thank you for all you did the last 3 years. Email me anytime you want to let me know how you are getting on.

April /02 ... Kelli had a baby, Jasmine.
February /05 ... Kelli had another baby, Dylan.

Jhane was our receptionist. She was here for just under one year, and fit right in with the office atmosphere. Jhane left in late June /99. All the best of luck to you Jhane.

November /00 ... Jhane is now working as receptionist at Wedgewood dishes. She tells me she loves working there.


Kathy was a new receptionist who fit in too. Just a bunch of weird people! Just after she started, we needed her to fill in for Kelli chairside. She picked up the basics very fast.
Thanks Kathy.

Kathy is a great artist.
Click on thumbnail for her painting of the falls on Mye River which she did for me.

Kathy has a web page made for her painting and art.

November /00 ... Kathy decided to go back to school and has become a teacher. She is now teaching art in Richmond Hill.

OK, now Emily. Getting confused? So is everybody. Emily is a friend and neighbour of Kathy.

November /02 ... Emily had filled in on and off as receptionist after Kathy left. Too bad she was not able to work full time. Thanks again, and we'll keep in touch.

He's the dentist who wrote all this.
Oh, did you like all the blood dripping from the top of the page? Suits our office ... ;~)

BTW, we do work some of the time.

The phone number again is: 905-884-7769
Oops, that is WAS the number. ;)
I'm retired, remember???

This many people have seen this great site. ;)

Thanks for visiting.
Drop by every now and then to see what I've been up to.

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