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Hit the trees for the Belize Temperature

Doesn't that look like paradise??


For the last twenty-seven years now, Betty & I have vacationed in San Pedro, Belize. After visiting about 25 different Caribbean islands, this is the place we have decided is best for just vegging out. For those who don't know where the country of Belize is ... my best description is: the first country south of Cancun, Mexico. Here's a map to give you an idea.

March, 2019 ... Another holiday done. Had a great time as ususal, but most of our regular friends were not there at the time. Some went elsewhere, some went earlier. I had to go later as Carnaval was later. Can't miss that. Photos are here if you want to see them. There are some YouTube videos this year also.

March, 2018 ... Another holiday in Belize. This year, Betty & I went to the interior - mountains & rain forest - for a few days to get a taste of something different. It was. But then back for to San Pedro for a couple of weeks. All the photos are here if you want to see them.

March, 2017 ... I just got back from my 25th trip to San Pedro. They had a celebration, and my story was in the local paper, also in one of the Belize magazines. I'm a hero now. (finally ;) There are a lot of photos to come, but so far I don't have any posted. Come back soon to find them. OK, they are here. Plus some videos on YouTube. ;)

February, 2013 ... I just got back from the best trip yet! I went by myself this year, we had almost perfect weather. The new photos are now online. See them here.

March, 2012 ... We just came back from our 20th vacation in paradise. It just keeps on getting better & better. We have more friends there now, and they all greet us warmly when the first see us. The only problem this year is that our friends Jim & Betty from North Carolina could not come down because of health problems. Hopefully next year we'll see them there. We did visit them in North Carolina in September. I took MANY photos this year, plus a lot of video. Photos can be seen here.

February, 2012 ... Only one week to go before we are back in paradise!!

December, 2011 ... We have booked for Belize already. We are going for two full weeks this year, the last two in February. Should be good again. Our friends from North Carolina are booked for the same time. Looking forward to it.


March, 2011 ... I'm back! It was another just perfect holiday. Weather was warm, water was warm, and all my friends were down to have fun with. Also a few new friends. That place is just so fantastic. You better Belize it. ;) I had some problems with my camera this year (a lot of problems), but I borrowed one from Charles from Estel's and used it for most of the time. They are now online, so you can see if you want at this link.

February, 2011 ... I leave on the 28th to go back AGAIN!! Betty is not going this year again. It's late this year as Carnaval is late because we have a late Easter.

March, 2010 ... Already been back again, and still enjoyed it. Here's a link to latest pictures.

December, 2008 ... Belize 2009 is booked! Betty is going too. We are staying at SunBreeze Suites this year for part of the holiday. Betty wants to make some of our meals??

March, 2008 ... Here's pictures of the 2009 trip to San Pedro + others years.

December, 2007 ... I'm going back again in February /08. Betty is not going this year, so I know I'll have a great time. We have had LOTS of snow so far, and I'm ready to go.


March, 2007 ... Back from San Pedro. Had the usual great time, met nice people, and had a good rest. There was only 10 minutes of sprinkle rain the whole time, and over 30C temperatures each day. Perfect. Saw & listened to Dennis Wolfe almost every night. Perfect. ;) Thanks to all our friends there who make it perfect.

January, 2007 ... Guess what? We are going back to San Pedro again this year! Even tho the winter here has not been too bad yet, it is still time to go back.

March, 2006 ... I'm back, and had a great time as usual. Saw all my Belizian friends, and had the weather that is expected.

Newest pictures are online. See them on the Belize Photo page.

Read all about Carnaval 2006 in the San Pedro Sun. [ see me ;) ]


SunBreeze Hotel
As I said before, my wife Betty & I have found our place in the sun. We always stay at the SunBreeze Hotel.
It has been renovated recently, and finally has its new pool. It is now perfect. This is their website.

The manager, Julia Edwards;
the front desk people:
Linda, Lupita and Ryan;
all the staff, could not treat their guests any better.

There are more photos of the hotel and San Pedro on my Belize photo page if you are interested.

E-mail the SunBreeze


We now have many friends all over town.

For our friends in Belize who may be looking at this, a small reminder that up here in Canada we do have snow. Compare that with your sand!!! Now you know why we visit San Pedro!

We met Ted & Judy Free from Scarborough, Ontario in Belize a few years ago, and have spent several vacations with them.

Charlie & Estel and their sons Charles & Mark from Estel's Restaurant (see below) are other friends we look forward to seeing each year in San Pedro.

Also, when you are in San Pedro, have the "Gringo in Belize" - Dennis Wolfe - entertain you, this year at Fidos and Wet Willie's Bar. He had a book out called "Wolfe's Woofers" but it isn't available any more, as well as T-shirts that you should look in to - the book has a lot of laughs.
Dennis has retired in 2016, so just memories.


San Pedro
Most days for breakfast, we walk downthe beach to Estel's Restaurant for a great outdoor breakfast. Best fryjacks anywhere. Check out the menu.
If you ever get there ask Charlie to give you the history of country music. That's if you have five hours to spare. And you do in San Pedro.
Charlie says Ted has a double in San Pedro. What do you think? Ted is on the right.

The main street of San Pedro called Barrier Reef Drive and has just now been paved with cobble stones. It had been sand from the beginning - so casual. Most of the people in town drive golf carts, not cars, so there is no traffic to worry about. How relaxed can you get for rush hour?
Update - 2007 ... There are a lot more cars on the road now, causing the roads to deteriorate badly.

On the left is a picture of the beach - nice for walking, but not the best for swimming.

Food ... There are many places to eat in town, everything from hamburg carts on the street, to fancy seafood places and Italian restaurants. The SunBreeze had a beachfront restaurant in past years called Rasta Pasta which attracted many diners then. This year (2007) the name is Blue Water Grill.
And ... while in San Pedro, you must go to Manelly's Homemade ice cream for their coconut cream ice cream. The best there is!
More San Pedro photos on the Belize photo page.


The Reef
The thing I think most people come to San Pedro for is the barrier reef which is just off shore from town. It is too far to swim out to, but any of the dive shops will gladly take you out for a two hour snorkel, or morning dive.
This is the world's second longest barrier reef after Australia's and much of it is still untouched.
Belize has a National Marine Reserve called Hol Chan which has to be on any snorkeler's want list. fish
Lots of fish to see.
Even better is nearby Shark-Ray Alley. Here we snorkel with Southern Stingrays and seven foot Nurse Sharks in protected nine foot deep water. Want to see a picture of me with the stingrays?

Be sure to look at the fish page here.

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