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Welcome to our family page. I am married to Betty and we have two kids -- Mark & Glenna. As you run thru the page, clicking on a link or a thumbnail will bring up a picture of whatever. Most average about 200K, more are under, so they won't take too long to load up. Click your back button to come back to this page. Enjoy.
A family picture from /76. Kids are 6 and 3.
A family picture from /99. Kids are 19 and 16.
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That's me over there. ---->

I have a model railroad as one of my hobbies. It is called the Southwood & Macey Bay Railroad.
The setting is in Muskoka, Ontario (Canadian Shield country), and the year is around 1955.
There is a whole page of model railroad photos.
Here are two thumbnails.

My other main hobby is computers. There is not a web page for this, but there are a lot of links to computer items on this bookmarks page.

For exercise, I played squash at the
Richmond Hill Squash Club.
I used to play on our D team in the Toronto & District League.
To find out more about squash, visit the web page of Squash Ontario.

I do like taking photographs of places we have been, or people we see. Mostly nature. There are quite a few pictures on my photo pages.

Here's Betty & I at our last staff Christmas dinner.

Here are some other, mostly older pictures of me.
Pic1 - 1992
Pic2 - 2005
Pic3 - 2006
Pic4 - 2007
Pic5 - 2008


Betty has her own web page describing the cats and quilts she makes and sells, and now fancy scarves. The latest crafty thing not on this page is funky mitts. We have been married for many years (I'll not tell) and are still together. She attended Ryerson back in the 60's and took the fashion course. We met while in high school at Earl Haig in Willowdale, Ontario. Anyone who is reading this that attended the Haig during our time please contact us, and let us know where you are now.

Here are some other, mostly older pictures of Betty
Pic1 - 1966
Pic2 - 1987
Pic3 - 1987
Pic4 - 2004
Pic5 - 2007
Pic6 - 2008


Mark graduated from Brock University where he took Geography.
He now has finished and received his masters degree in Environmental Studies at Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. Mark is now working for the Ontario government.

June /06 ... A brother for Owen.
Mark & Lisa had another baby.
Isaac James, born June 10/06.
Weight was 7 pounds, 3 ounces.

June /04 ... Really Big News ...
Mark & Lisa had a baby.
A boy, Owen, born June 14/04.
Weight was 6 pounds, 12 ounces.

March /04 ... They have bought a new house on the east side of London.

April /18 ... Mark has written a book called "Waterfalls of Ontario".
Have a look at his new, updated waterfall pages. Much information.


Nov 24/01 ... Mark is now married to Lisa. The wedding went well and they are living in London, Ontario.

Here's a link to more photos of Mark's wedding.

Nov /01 ... Mark is now working for the provincial government in London.

Mark and Lisa have two pet budgies called Beaker and Bernie. Sorry to hear, but Beaker has passed on.

Mark's email


Our daughter Glenna took Travel & Tourism at Seneca College near here, graduated, & dreams of having a job enabling her to travel the world. She is still single, and is now living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

July /10 ... She has moved. All went well. More later. She is now living in London. Working for a travel company that deals only with seniors.

June /10 ... Glenna has been home for about 6 weeks. She now has a new job in London, Ontario, and will be moving in to a new apartment by the end of June. Her family has to help with the move.

March /10 ... Glenna has decided to come back east. Had enough of the West Coast. Should be moving some time in April. Betty is flying out to drive home with her in her little car. More later.

Apr /09 ... Glenna has moved into a basement apartment in North Vancouver. She can't walk to work anymore, but takes the sea bus, or a regular bus over the bridge each day. The west end of Vancouver was getting too expensive, too busy, and too noisy.

Jan /08 ... She has just come back from a trip to Hawaii with her Mom, Betty.

Dec /06 ... Glenna came home to Ontario for a 10 day visit over Christmas. She visited all her friends locally, and relatives. It was nice to see her again. I'll have an updated picture soon.

Aug /06 ... Glenna now has her furniture out west with her, so she is all set to live the life she wants. Finally.


May /06 ... Glenna now has a new job in Vancouver working for an Australian tour company. AND, she has an apartment rented in West End of Vancouver that is near work, and near Stanley Park. She has it made now, at least will have when she gets her furniture out of our house and into her apartment. ;)

Oct /05 ... Glenna left Aurora, and drove her little Suzuki all the way out to Vancouver, British Columbia. The decision was made to move out there and get a job in tourism in the west. She likes that part of Canada best. And she does have relatives out there to visit.

Jan /05 ... Glenna has left again after 2 months, and is back on a ship. This time - the Millenium. She is sailing in the Caribbean for the first 3 months, then goes over to tour the Mediterranean mid April. She is still doing shore excursions.

March /04 ... Here she is with Dad, just after he came back from Belize. She has been living and working in downtown Toronto and on cruise ships, Celebrity Lines.

April /00 ... After she came home from the ship, Glenna travelled to Ecuador to visit with Fabian. In the rain forest, by volcanos, just what she is interested in.

Glenna's email.



Update: February, 2014

My father passed away this month, and my mother passed away in August, 2013.

I made up a web page with photos of my father's life for our memories.

My parents, Jack & Gwen Harris, in October 2002, sold their house near Peterborough, Ontario, and moved out west to a condo in White Rock, British Columbia. They are not too far from my brother Dave and family.
December 2007 ... My parents are finally moving again to an assisted senior's home. The point has come that they need help in their daily living. After all, they are both over 90.
Picture of new kitchen.
Picture of new living room.
Picture of new bedroom.


Update: March, 2015

Betty's mother passed away this month, and her father passed away in December, 2000.

I made up a web page with photos of her mother's life for our memories.

Betty's parents, Harold & Alice Gosney of Richmond Hill, Ontario, are shown here with their grandchildren. Until his death in December 2000, Harold was an avid, well known stamp collector. Alice is an insatiable crafter, and both sang in various choirs over the years.
Alice has just moved into a condo in March 2003.
October 2007 ... She has now moved in to a seniors townhouse complex in Stouffville.
January 2010 ... Now she has moved in to a retirement home in Stouffville.

1999 Photo of both our parents & the kids.


Brother Dave and his wife Debbie live in British Columbia and he worked for IBM, retired in 2005. That means I should get cheap IBM computers.
[hint, hint] ;-)
Here's an older picture of his whole family at home, the kids are Chris & Mike.
April /08 ... Dave and Deb went to France to visit my sister Dawna. Then had a trip to Italy.
Here's a couple of pictures.

My sister Dawna and her husband Bob Wright live everywhere, but are based in Peterborough.
They have 2 kids, Steve & Leslie, both have left home.
November /07 ... They have rented a house in France for the winter again. So we won't be seeing much of them once more.

Betty's sister is Joy, she lives in Stouffville, and has 2 grown boys - Paul & Michael.

This many people have seen this great site. ;)

Thanks for visiting.
Drop by every now and then to see what I've been up to.

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