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Sorry, I don't have any friends yet.

Come back some other time to see if I have found any. ;)

Here are the people I work with now.
I guess they could be called friends. :)

Presenting Shadee and Maria

Shadee has been up north in Muskoka but we didn't know she was so small !!

August 2002
George Shadoff, my good friend from dental school
and computer partner, passed away.
I'll miss you Geo.


Ned has been a great friend since high school.
And was my best man.

Ned & Georgina have invited us up to their
cottage near Parry Sound several times.
The master sits and rests!!


Then we had a group of squash friends that got together each New Year's Eve for years.
That's Ray & Carol, Ben & Linda, Malcolm & Ann, and Betty & I.
Malcolm & Anne celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in their complex rec centre.


Mey has been around for about 20 years. She is now a dentist in Newmarket, but was my dental assistant when she first came to Canada. We were at her house for her office swim party in 2007.


Oh, and I guess I can't forget the friends we met in Belize.
Ted & Judy Free have been a lot of fun there and at their cottage up north.

They were in Antigua and swam with southern sting rays.


Guess I have friends after all!!!

This many people have seen this great site. ;)

Thanks for visiting.
Drop by every now and then to see what I've been up to.

You can reach me at . . . web@drdougie.ca



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