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Hi, thanks for taking time to visit my "fantastic" web site. The books say that your web pages should tell the world all about you ... and your interests.
Sooo, here goes ...

My name is Doug Harris, and I now live in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, which is 90 miles north of Toronto. We just moved up here for retirement in August 2013, from Aurora, Ontario.
I was a dentist, practicing in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and had been for years.

The BIG news is that I retired in December, 2010. It's true!
A big HI to all the patients who are looking at these pages. Enjoy and thanks.
Have a look at the last photos we took of the office.

My interests are photography, model railroads, Belize, dentistry, computers, music & squash
... but not in that order ;)

As you move down the page you will find links to pages describing these things. Check out what you want. Something might be of interest to you.

If you just want dive in and see some photos, go right to my photo pages. It is divided into several different sections.

For NLSO members, link to 'your' videos here.
Thank you to all the orchestra for a fun summer.
I got to all 8 concerts in 2019. #1 fan ;)

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Our Latest Holiday ...
March, 2019 - Belize

Most recent daytrip ...
October, 2019 - Fall colours along Southwood Road

Newest grandchild pictures ...
December, 2019 - Christmas in London

Most recent family photos ...
August, 2019 - Laura & Lou visit Bracebridge

Most recent around home photos ...
January, 2020 - New Year's snow

Our new house ...
June, 2013 - Photos of our new house in Bracebridge

Model Train photos ...
July, 2013 - Southwood & Macey Bay Railroad
February, 2015 - Construction finally of new SMB RR
April, 2018 - Latest photos

By the way, ... if you have suggestions on how to improve these pages, or if you find any errors, please e-mail me at the address below. I also accept some criticism. ;-)

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Link to family page Family Page

Go & meet my family & see what has been happening with everyone.

Mark got married November 24, 2001.
See the pictures on our family photos page.

Mark and Lisa had a baby boy.
Owen Alexander Harris
June 14, 2004.

June 10, 2006
Another boy
Presenting ... Isaac James Harris


Dental Page

To visit our dental office page, I guess you will have to bite the teeth over there.
NOTICE: As of December 17, 2010, I will be retired.
Sorry. ;)


We holiday in San Pedro, Belize each winter. Belize is in Central America and has the world's second longest barrier reef. It is the most relaxing place we have ever stayed in. If you want to learn more about Belize, and our latest trip, sink the snorkeller.

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These are the web links I use each day.
Everyone has to have a list on their page.
You might find some of them useful,
but some may not work for you.

What would the world be like without friends?
Check out some of mine.

link to humour

This many people have seen this great site. ;)

Thanks for visiting.
Drop by every now and then to see what I've been up to.

You can reach me at . . . web@drdougie.ca



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